Goldencomb Unisex Salon in Haldwani

Unisex Salon in Haldwani

There have been recent times when there was no good salon in Haldwani and if we talk about unisex salon the there was no unisex salon here. But time has changed now as “Golden Comb” is here now and we are the best unisex salon in Haldwani. We are the best place to relax and rejuvenate your skin. We provide you with a trendy ambience which will refresh you and your looks. We always look to generate highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in field of makeup and hair styling. We make sure that your skin and hair maintain constant glow for bigger amount of time after you visit us and get your makeup and hair done from us. We use best of the products for the market such as L’Oreal, Lakme, M.A.C Cosmetics and other top beauty brands. Find your ideal hair style with Golden comb. When your hair is long or short, then it is the best time to try different looks with your hair and we at Golden Comb provide all type of hair styles. Not only hair rebounding, we also deal with all types of hairdos like:-

  • Hair Spa
  • Hair straightening
  • Hair Styles
  • Hair Coloring

You can choose from many packages available from our side for your hair styles and we assure you that you won’t get disappointed after selecting any of the package and we always make sure that once a customer comes to us, then again visit us with a smile on their face. Now a days , the first thing which will be noticed about you is your personality and great looks and style help a lot in personality to enhance. So if you are looking for get your hair done or make-up done then visit us now!


Golden Comb Best Hair Rebonding Center in Halwani

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In the present scenario, everyone wants to look good while stepping out home. Because your personality and looks will be the first thing that people will notice about you. For the purpose of looking smart, we used to go to saloons. Sometimes, even after spending a huge amount of money in saloons, we do not get satisfied with the results. Therefore, it becomes important to be careful while selecting the optimum saloon. If we talk about the top saloons, then Golden Comb has best Hair Rebonding in Haldwani. The professional team of hair and style experts in this saloon has great experience in their work and they won’t disappoint you in any way. It is a unisex saloon that is well known for providing the latest and topmost styling techniques and products with best results. This salon offers you all the services whether they are related to hair styling, makeup or anything.

As we know this fact very well that people feel more confident about themselves when they look good and that confidence adds charm to their personality. So, we ensure to bring that confidence in you and then your personality will enhance automatically. We do not compromise with quality. The top quality beauty products have been used in our saloon that does not have any side effects. In fact, they will help to rejuvenate the inner glow of your beauty. Our services are not very costly. We provide international level services with reasonable prices. Also, the infrastructure of our saloon is very luxurious. It is specially designed by taking care of the comfort level of clients. The services provided here are hair rebounding, hair coloring, all types of makeup including Bridal makeup, Fashion makeup, Party makeup. Wardrobe styling service is also provided by the experts. Once you get the services from this saloon, we assure that you’ll love to visit here again and again.

Tips and Tricks to Enhance your Wedding day Experience

Bridal Makeup in Haldwani

Which is, by far, the most important day of a girl’s life?  95% people will give the same answer. Her wedding day! At a time when you are the focus of a hundred of eyes. You want to look statuesque for your man and be etched in his memory forever. Nothing less than perfection is passé!

We will share with you certain tips and tricks to ensure a mesmeric look and feel on your D-day.

  • Make your appointment well in advance. You simply cannot afford to miss getting a booking! If you belong to Haldwani, and looking for a best Bridal Makeup in Haldwani , you are welcome at Golden Comb luxury salon . Visit us at Golden comb salon and make a prior booking. This way, you can get a good package from them which can include your relatives and friends as well.
  • Do not omit taking the pre bridal package! Doing things yourself will tire and stress you out. At Golden Comb in Haldwani, pre-bridal takes care of all your hair and skin needs. Body exfoliation, hair spa, the works! So you are prepared for your honeymoon as well.
  • Explain your needs to the makeup artist. Fix a meeting and discuss the look you want. At Golden Comb they have various types of makeup’s like ;Airbrush, engagement, reception, skin friendly, waterproof etc.
  • Test drive your wedding dress and shoes .it means actually wearing them for a few hours. Carry a pair of comfortable shoes with you. Change into them after the ceremony is over.
  • Carry a snack. Keep snacks like nuts and sandwiches in your bag right from the time you head out to the salon.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation results in puffy eyes. Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. In case it happens, use chamomile tea bags on your eyes and smile!

Remember, you are the bride; you are the prettiest and the most important! Be prepared and pre-planned.

Your salon and your make-up artist play a very important role on your D day.  Visit your salon; Golden comb luxury salon at Haldwani. Golden Comb gives special offers to its loyal customers on special occasions makeup deals and offers.  So, never miss to register with us to enjoy heavy discounts.

Golden Comb Salon Helps You to Look Confident

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A salon can yield huge profits even if it offers salon packages. All you need to understand the managerial aspect of running a business while connecting people to your brand. It’s what successful entrepreneurs do, and it’s what Golden Comb does, which makes is the best Unisex Salon in Haldwani.

When the Golden Comb was incorporated the main aim was to offer best-in-class salon services at the most convenient price because it’s often missing in the market and a lot of salons only loot their clients without offering the substance in their services. That’s not the case them.

Good Looks Boost Confidence-

It’s not an easy to run a salon that does effective and money worth hair styling, make-ups,  rebounding, hair colors,  facial, and many other things to make you look wondrous and the symbol of true beauty. If you maintain your looks and do some work on them, your confident boosts. That’s the human psychology, and many people would agree to it. Some people limit their understanding of beauty as a natural gift. It isn’t true. You can groom yourself and look beautiful if you know how to magnify your looks and come out from the hole where you are hiding.

With modern equipments’ and effective grooming products available, anyone can look beautiful, charming, enticing, and confident. Golden Comb has helped people finding their self-confidence because looking good is our right, and anyone can look good if they know how. It’s something we gift to ourselves because to love one-self is a form of real love.

Hire the Make-up Experts for Your D-Day

Bridal Makeup in Haldwani

Golden Comb in Haldwani is one trusted name in the field of make-up, contours, hair styles and different types of complete makeovers. We have a team of specialists who will help you get ready for your big day; i.e., your wedding day. The bridal make-up which we use is of the highest quality and of top brands across the globe. It will ensure that they do not harm your delicate skin and also gives you the best results.

Our team of experts has years of experience, and they fully understand the importance of your big day and what it means to you. The products we use are of L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf just to name a few with them you can also choose from wide range of Ayurvedic products as per your likings.

The salient feature of our studio is that even though we use high-quality products and do not compromise on quality still our packages are pocket-friendly and very competitive in nature. You can easily choose from our wide range of services and packages for Bridal Makeup in Haldwani , the one deal, which will not only be in your budget but also helps you get the look, you have always dreamt of.

Unisex Salon A Place to Get your Makeover

Goldencomb Bridal Make up in Haldwani

The Unisex Salon is a very well known salon and famous for its quality of service to the customers. They have opened a salon in Haldwani under the name of Golden Comb. Without doubt, it’s one of the best salons, the city has to offer. They provide a wide range of services like all types of make-ups, hairstyles, rebounding, hair color, facial and many other makeup services.

The salon is very well equipped with different types and latest equipment used for a makeover of a person. The staff is very professional and have years of experience behind them in their respective fields. The beauty products used by them are all of the international quality, branded and natural. They also have a wide range of Ayurvedic products as well. Moreover, these products are skin friendly, and they don’t put an unnecessary burden on your pocket, too.

There is a saying, “Look Your Best, Feel Your Best” and with the changing times, we think these lines are coming more into the fold. As wherever you go, people tend to notice your looks first. So, to make an instant impression you need to be at your best because one seldom gets a second chance. According to the human psychology, ‘The better you look, the more confident you feel’.

We at Unisex salon in haldwani offer a wide range of beauty packages. You can easily choose from the options the best, which suits both your need and pocket. All our products are of good quality and will definitely help you to look a better version of yourself. So, you need not worry about anything and just pay us to visit and get ready to have a life changing experience.

Hire the Expert Beauticians for Perfect Bridal Makeup

Bridal Make up in Uttarakhand

The wedding is one of the most important days in a girl’s life. She weaves many dreams and wishes for her wedding day. Out of those dreams and wishes, looking at her very best in the bridal dress is always top-priority for a girl. From make-up, hairs to bridal dress, every girl deserves to look simply amazing on her special day. Since everyone’s eyes are on the bride during the wedding ceremony, a girl simply can’t afford to look less than she had imagined.

On your D-day, everyone will have a close look on you, be it is your make-up, dress or your behavior during the ceremony. You will feel much more comfortable in doing all the stuff if you have done a rehearsal before. It is often said that nothing compares to a blushing bride. You can achieve this with a little help from the team of professional make-up artists and look the way as you dream.

We are a team of professional bridal makeup in Uttarakhand and have been in business for many years. Our bridal makeup experts will make your dreams come true with respect to your appearance. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who gave us the opportunity to make their special day a bit more special.

Moreover, our bridal team only uses natural products for your skin as we know the matters of skin are very delicate and no one wants to spoil their day due to bad allergy or anything. Our services whilst of top bracket, but are also pocket-friendly as well. We offer a variety of bridal make-up packages from which you can choose that suits your needs.

Once we take over the responsibility of your make-up, then you need not worry about anything. We will make you look at your very best for the special occasion, which will remain forever in your memories.